Oct 11, 2023
Is Weed Legal in Virginia?

On April 8th, Virginia became the first southern state to allow for the utilization and possession of marijuana for adults. legislation became law on on July 1st by Governor. Ralph Northam.

“It is an historic day for equality throughout the Commonwealth,” said then-House Majority Leader Del. Charniele Herring, D-Alexandria carrying out a lengthy legislative procedure that culminated inside the 300-page bill created by Senator. Adam Ebbin and Senate President pro interim Louise Lucas.

“Virginia is the first State inside South to permit recreational marijuana usage and I am happy to maintain a position to give this historic law,” said Herring.

However, few people was supportive of the decision.

“We send our children it is acceptable to make use of drugs in Virginia right now,” said Republican Sen. Amanda Chase of Chesterfield County. “As a grown-up mother of 4 teenagers, I do not such as this message. I believe it’s selfish. I believe it’s reckless and irresponsible.”

Legalization has two primary principles: to reduce crime and end criminalization. One portion of justice which has been implemented is record sealing. On July 1, Marijuana violations were automatically sealed.

A report with the Virginia State Police in August 2021 states that 333,806 records had been sealed for easy possession. More than 64,651 misdemeanor distribution charges were sealed and 395,747 entries at a lower price serious infractions, invalid or non-mandatory reported were deleted.

What is Legal Under the New Law?
A maximum of one ounce may be owned by adults aged 21 or older.
Smoking marijuana in private homes is legal for adults 21 many older.
Adults aged 21 or older will surely have up to four plants at home. The plants can not be seen in the street, and they can’t be accessible by anyone younger than 21 years old. You must attach a legible tag to the plants which has your company name, driver’s licence or ID number as well as a be aware that the marijuana plant was grown for private use, as permitted for legal reasons.
One ounce of marijuana might be given to a grown-up 21 years or older so long as there’s no remuneration, exchange of money or other value.
What is Illegal Under the New Law?
Anyone under 21 years old cannot possess, buy or consume marijuana.
It continues to be illegal to trade or distribute marijuana, and/or possess marijuana while using intent of selling or distributing it.
You can smoke marijuana in public places, including automobile, or while a passenger in a.
Driving when using an “open container” for marijuana. A “open container” is understood to be any container containing marijuana or marijuana products which has not been sealed by the manufacturer.
Possession of marijuana in the school setting.
Making marijuana concentrate from home-cultivated cannabis
Selling recreational marijuana. (In Virginia, recreational marijuana sales are hoped for being legalized by 2024.
Possessing more than one ounce, however, not higher than a pound could result in an administrative penalty which can be between $25 and $25.
Possessing greater than a 1 pound of marijuana is regarded as criminal and punishable which has a maximum of 10 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000.
Penalties for possession of in excess of 4 plants are determined according on the quantity of plants.
Possession of marijuana within school premises is often a crime of misdemeanor.
Personal cultivation
From July 1st 2021, people aged 21 and over can legally grow as much as four cannabis plants in a family for individual use. However, due to a half-baked statute, no one is legally able to purchase seeds or clone plants within the state of Washington to take action.

“I think we’re half-pregnant.” declared Republican Del. Glenn Davis of Virginia Beach.

There are not any transactions beyond your program of medicinal marijuana as of now.

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Personal cultivation guidelines
Each household needs to have four plants
Only the key residence of an individual is allowed to cultivate crops.
Each plant ought to be tagged while using owner’s name and driver’s license/state ID numbers.
Without the use of binoculars or aircraft, plants is not seen from public venues without their permission.
Access for all those below 21 years old is prohibited
Indoor and outdoor cultivation is allowed, but it could be prohibited in rental housing.
How much marijuana can I possess in public areas in Virginia?
Up to at least one ounce of cannabis could possibly be possessed in public by adults 21+. Until the Cannabis Control Authority promulgates equivalent possession amounts for edibles and concentrates, all cannabis products are thought as marijuana.

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